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Don't Leave $100K+ on the Table

When and how to start Social Security involves important decisions.  Did you know that most people make big mistakes in their Social Security filing strategy?  These mistakes can easily cost $100,000 or much more – and you might never know what you missed.  You need to understand Social Security claiming strategy.

You're Not Alone

  • Baby boomers:  76 million born from 1946 to 1964.
  • Approx. number retiring every hour:  500.
  • Average monthly Social Security benefit:  $1,180.
  • Social Security is the major source of income  for 60% of beneficiaries.
Steve Garfink

You Have Choices

Hi, I'm Steve Garfink, and I'd like to tell you why I started Retire Now or Later.

Traditional retirement planning tools and books have one fixed mantra:  plan to spend nearly what you spent in your peak earning years.  If you haven't saved the necessary millions, then work until you drop.  I disagree, and I'd like to help people understand the alternatives.  Here's a good example.

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Retirement Planning for the Rest of Us

Carrying a number

Have you seen TV ads of people carrying their "number" – the amount they supposedly need to retire?  In reality, few of us will ever have that level of savings.

Are you:  In your 50s or older?  Thinking about how and when to retire?  Worried you'll never save the huge pile of money the investment industry says you need?  At Retire Now or Later™ we help you understand your options, optimize resources, and think creatively about post-retirement life.

Social Security May be Your Biggest Asset

Most people don't think of their Social Security benefits as part of their retirement savings portfolio.  But the "asset value" of Social Security (the cost to buy an investment product that would pay an equivalent lifetime stream of benefits) is easily a six figure sum for most people, and can be more. Find out how much your asset is worth and how to get the most out of it.

Learn About Your Social Security Options

Consider a World of Retirement Alternatives

Find and assess creative choices – and avoid common pitfalls.  Start today!